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The region

Located between Geneva and Lausanne, the Morges region is both cosmopolitan and authentic. Stay by the lake, in the mountains, in the countryside or in town, the choice is yours. It is the largest wine region in the canton of Vaud. It is full of great vintages, picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes.


Banks of the lake, hills or rivers: the great variety of landscapes makes the Morgian region an essential place for outdoor activities. Its cultural riches will satisfy culture lovers.


View from Morges. Lake and mountains
Tulip Festival

The "Morges Fleur du Léman" Association welcomes each year the return of spring on the occasion of the Tulip Festival in the Independence Park.

The festival takes place from April to mid-May in the Independence Park, located on the shores of Lake Geneva, between the Château de Morges and the La Morges river, the Independence Park offers, in all seasons, a magnificent green setting and presents 50 varieties of trees such as impressive chestnut trees dating from 1750 or giant sequoia trees

View of Morges Castle
View of Vufflens Castle

The region has remarkable and admirable castles that constitute real postcard shots and invite you to cross the borders of the marvelous.

Some castles can be visited, others are inhabited. Others still let themselves be seen only. But together, they reflect the enchantment of past legends and all bear witness to a very rich historical, artistic and architectural heritage.


To only cite a few ; The Petit Versailles Vaudois, nickname given to the Château de l'Isle, dates from the 17th century; The Château de Morges, the oldest building in the city, is an architectural treasure.

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Lausanne

At the heart of the City, the Cathedral of Lausanne majestically dominates the city. Considered one of the most beautiful monuments of Gothic art in Europe, it attracts more than 400,000 visitors each year.

A spiritual center of French-speaking Switzerland, the Cathedral of Lausanne benefits from international interest and influence. It was erected in the 12th and 13th centuries, consecrated on October 20, 1275 in the presence of Pope Gregory X and Rodolphe de Hasbourg. Passed to Protestant worship in 1536.

Chambre d'hôtes La Sereine
Campagne proche du village
La Côte
Lac Léman
Marché local
Marché local
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